My first workshop of the year

On Saturday morning I held my first ‘Photography for Parents’ workshop of the year which was attended by 8 lovely mums. 

You can see a little sneaky peek of my new workshops logo on the bottom left here; I love it! I decided to drop the ‘Oh Snap!’ name that I started with, as I think it was just confusing people. After chatting to some of my past students, they said that they just told their friends that they had been on a photography workshop with Vicki Knights….so I’ve made it really simple, and I’m calling the workshop side of my business ‘Photography Workshops with Vicki Knights’. I hope you agree that it makes much more sense!  

I’m really pleased I’ve added the short demonstration to the workshop where I show how I approach taking headshots. I think it really helps the group to get a deeper understanding of everything we go through in the workshop such as light, composition and of course the camera settings. 

I have another 2 workshops in the next month, and I’m really looking forward to teaching lots more parents the joy that comes with being able to take great photos! 

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