Saturday’s photography workshop for parents in Cobham, Surrey

What a beautiful weekend of sunshine we had. I had a lovely group of parents at my workshop on Saturday morning at The Medicine Garden in Cobham, all keen to learn how to take better photos of their children.
 As always, the morning was very intensive, as I manage to get a full weekends worth of training into 3.5 hours (yes I do talk pretty fast!) By doing the workshop over half a day, the group are free to take their newfound skills and enjoy the sunny weekend photographing their children instead of being stuck in a classroom! I offer 2 weeks of email support after the workshop so they can send me their images for me to critique and also ask me any questions that they may have.

I always do a demonstration of how I would take a headshot, as this is very similar regardless of whether you are photographing a child or an adult. So this lovely blonde lady is Lucy from the group, who kindly agreed to model for me. Thanks Lucy!

Judging by the feedback forms, the group really enjoyed the morning and found it very useful…here are just a couple of the comments from the forms.

“Excellent, practical and usable morning – thank you.”

“This morning was EXCELLENT. Very interesting and very well presented – held my attention completely and also not difficult to follow.”


And as I had my camera in hand and the weather was so lovely, I couldn’t resist taking a few shots of my little boys around The Medicine Garden when they came to pick me up at the end of the morning.

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  • Tarah Coonan

    What a lovely idea for parents, I’m sure they had a fantastic time!

    • Vicki Knights

      Thanks Tarah, I started running these workshops last year and have done about a dozen of them now. They are great fun!