The results from Saturdays workshop….Photography for Parents – the next stage

On Saturday, I held my first advanced photography workshop for people who have previously attended my Photography for Parents workshop. Before the workshop, I asked them to send me 3 of their images for us all to review in the class. I was so impressed with the photos they sent through so I thought I would share some with you.

So these are the results they are achieving after attending my half day Photography for Parents workshop

Really impressive aren’t they?

Everyone found the image review really helpful….a great way to improve your photography is to have someone critique your work and it’s invaluable to see others have their photos reviewed too. So everyone found this part of the workshop really useful.

I gave the group lots more tips on composition, camera settings and light and everyone had some time practising these new skills. Then I gave them lots of inspiration and project ideas to photograph their children in an authentic way….I’m looking forward to seeing the results!

What wonderful weather we had for the workshop. I took this shot at about midday and managed to find the tiniest bit of shade in the Medicine Garden to shoot it in!

Here are a few of the lovely comments they made on the feedback forms….thanks guys!

“Really enjoyed it, absolutely LOADS of top tips all in an easily understandable format – no jargon! The practical shoot was very useful, seeing how the settings change the outcome. I feel very inspired to go out and take much more considered portraits of my children now. Thank you, fantastic course.” Oorla

“Brilliant idea doing image reviews, was great to see how you would improve them.” Laura

“You explain things is such a simple way, really great. Very approachable and easy to ask questions.”

“Great course, really inspiring. Vicki explains things really easily and keeps it simple. Thank you!” Charlotte


I am running my next follow on workshop in October which is already fully booked. I have just listed a new date on 8th December, see details here. I will be emailing everyone who has expressed an interest today so please be quick if you wish to attend! Please note that you can only attend this follow on workshop if you have attended the first ‘Photography for Parents’ workshop. The reason being is that if you been trained elsewhere, then you are likely to have been taught completely different camera settings and so what I go through may not make sense! So you need to come to the first workshop to learn the camera settings, how to find the right light and lots more.

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