Do you print your photos?

Or does that question make you feel slightly uneasy as you’re now thinking about all of those photos sitting on your hard drive that you just haven’t got round to printing? There was a recent report that showed that over half of the people in the UK NEVER print out their photos….I think that’s so sad. I worry that we are raising a generation who will have their childhood memories lost forever on a failed hard drive. I think it’s so important that we print out these memories we are capturing so that they can be enjoyed and shared with new generations. It would be horrible if I had never seen what my parents looked like as children; I love to sit and leaf through old family buy amoxicillin trihydrate online albums. But think of all of those children who won’t have family albums to look through when they’re older. The majority of people (68% to be precise!) think that within a generation the only photo album that will still exist are those compiled by our parents and grandparents when we were children. The rest will just be sitting on hard drives or Facebook I guess!

I know it takes effort and time to put together family albums, and we’re all busy enough in our lives. But nowadays with online album providers such as Blurb and Bob Books that make the process so simple, there really is no excuse! And if you are completely daunted about compiling all of your photos from the past year, then just do little albums with your holiday photos in. Even if your children just have albums to look through from each big holiday you have, that is much better than no family albums at all. And one more very good reason to do it, is that if you never print any photos off, there is a big risk of losing those cherished memories. Nearly half of the nation say that they have lost photos due to computer viruses, failed hard drives and so on. Ouch!

Although we are reaching the end of June, I thought I would quickly tell you that this month is the first ever UK National Photography Month. This is an initiative to help the public understand and appreciate the importance of photography as a medium to ‘capture and keep’ their treasured memories and life’s most important moments; something hopefully you can see I feel very passionately about too!

And please don’t think I’m preaching, I’m no saint and I fall behind with my family albums too. I spend so much time editing photos and designing products for my clients, that it’s not top of my list of things to do in my spare time! But I make myself do it otherwise I feel really guilty. I have a year’s worth of photos on my hard drive (and backed up of course!) to put in an digital album at the moment; my job for the summer! But I do have photos of my kids up all around the house, so I print my photos out constantly. The latest photo to go up in a wall frame was this one of my youngest. You can see more of this shoot here on my family photography blog.

So please, make some time this summer to capture and keep some wonderful memories for your family. You won’t regret it.

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  • Jason Barnett

    Jan and I were talking about this with some friends last weekend we got out our wedding album (married 2000) and 1 baby book when our daughter was born in 2001 together with some albums from way back and the rest are on the computer, over 3500 images. I have a set up with a media streamer so we can see the images on the tv but it just wasn’t the same as us all sitting together going through the albums with most of us shouting out “Oh my God look at that!” or “Blimey, do you remember him/her” having an album thats got half a dozen images on a page is much better viewing than 1 image at a time on a media device.
    Thanks Vicki…time to get organising those pictures :)

    • Vicki Knights

      That’s a really good point about viewing a slideshow of photos not being quite the same as flicking through an album. Nothing quite beats the feeling of leafing through an old album does it! And the risk is that in years to come, the technology will be so different so the photos won’t be accessible. Thanks for you comment Jase.

  • Inga K

    Hi Vicki, I’ve been meaning to comment on this after reading it the other day, I used to be so good with printing my photos as I used to bulk print them and then put them away in albums and write dates, where etc. but the albums take up so much space so instead from 2011 I decided to make a yearly book using iPhoto software and then order prints to put in frames as the year went on. Unfort I’m still working on 2011 and haven’t even started on 2012!!! Oh dear, I really need to get into gear and get them sorted. I have made a couple of mini books for our honeymoon, photo shoots etc but I need to try and keep on top of it all. I do love looking through old photos and it just isn’t the same looking at them on a computer screen. Have you used Blurb or Bob’s Books, I have had a look at those too and would love to see if they are any better than the iPhoto ones…….Great post :-) xx