The photos produced after a half-day photography workshop

I’m always so delighted when I get sent the photos taken by parents who have attended my Photography for Parents half-day workshop. It’s amazing what they can achieve after just a 3.5 hour workshop. And so satisfying for me to know that they are now able to capture their family life beautifully.

After parents have attended my beginners photography workshop, they can then come on my more advanced workshop if they are keen to learn more. I review their photos in the workshop for everyone to see, which everyone has said is incredibly useful. I ran one of these advanced workshops a couple of weeks ago and here are some of the photos they sent through to me. So these were taken after they had just been on the beginners workshop…so impressive!

And here are the lovely ladies on the morning of the workshop. I thought it would be funny to stand round the Christmas tree at the Medicine Garden, but it was only buy amoxicillin antibiotics when I looked at the photos afterwards that I realised it was only was hardly decorated yet, oops!

Here are a few of the comments from the feedback forms:

“You have an incredible way of putting things across in a way that is simple to understand.” Kirsten L

“Thanks again for your inspiration and passion…you have renewed my faith in taking photos.” Chris

“Really enjoyed all the inspirational tips. Found the time spent critiquing useful. Thank you so much for another fun, informative and inspirational workshop.” Melanie

“Really enjoyed the course again. Spot on in terms of what I wanted to learn and recap. The critique on our images was especially helpful.” Julie


Thank you so much ladies, it was so lovely to see you all again!

If you have already attended my beginners workshop and you’re keen to learn more, my next Photography for Parents – the next stage workshop is on Saturday 23rd February, so get your place booked soon.



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