My 5 favourite camera bags for women

What is your camera bag like? Does it look a little bit like this?

I remember when I got my first ‘proper’ camera feeling quite excited about buying a camera bag to put it in. Then when I looked online for one, they all looked like the ones above. My excitement soon disappeared! The bag on the right above was the first camera bag I bought. One way to ruin a nice outfit is to stick this ugly thing over your shoulder! Then when I became a professional and had a lot of kit so I had to buy the rather un-stylish bag on the left to carry it all around in. Mmmm, nice.

Then a few years ago I noticed many of the photographers in the US were carrying these gorgeous camera bags that looked just like stylish handbags. Then finally Everleaf started selling Kelly Moore bags in the UK. So I quickly bought this teal coloured Kelly Moore B-Hobo bag to carry my everyday camera around in when I’m out photographing my family.

MUCH nicer isn’t it?! I love these type of camera bags as they look like normal handbags, but they have all of the padding and inserts necessary to keep your camera and lenses safe. Plus you can fit in the all essential kiddie stuff when you are out with the children. So much better than lugging around your handbag AND an unattractive camera bag! It will mean that you take your camera out at times when you were tempted to leave it at home. And the other benefit is that you’re not screaming out to would-be thieves that you’re carrying a pricey camera!

Then I realised the B-Hobo wasn’t quite big enough to carry all of my lenses and 2 camera bodies on my professional shoots, so I bought the Kelly Moore 2-Sues which is perfectly up to the job. So this is the bag that I now use on my client shoots.

It does come in many more interesting colours than black, but I wear quite a lot of colourful clothes and jackets so the teal one was clashing with everything!

I recently discovered this great website called Cosy Cameras who are UK based and sell lots of different types of stylish camera bags for women. I haven’t actually seen any of their bags in the flesh (yet!) but after browsing their website (purely in the name of research of course!) here are 3 of my favourite bags that they offer…

The first one is the Jo Totes Betsy bag….it makes a great casual day bag and looks like it would be big enough to fit your camera plus all of the paraphernalia necessary when going on a day out with the kids!

Or you might prefer something like the Theit Bossi bag.  I think this one looks a bit more dressy with it’s chain straps, but  it still looks plenty big enough for your camera and kids stuff.

And lastly, here is the bag that I have my eye on….the Epiphanie Ginger in grey. I’m trying to decide whether I can justfiy having more than 2 nice camera bags…. I do have more than 2 cameras so surely that’s a good enough reason…plus I don’t have a grey one! (us females can always find an excuse can’t we?!)

The only downside about these gorgeous bags is they cost a little bit more than  your average camera bag….the cheapest one out of the 3 above is the Jo Totes one at £90. However when you consider that can take the place of your normal handbag, I think it’s a good investment. If you are on more of a budget please don’t be tempted to just shove your camera into your normal handbag as it will quickly get damaged….but there is a cheaper solution! I have seen people create their own camera bags out of bags they already have (apparently changing bags are perfect!). You can buy camera inner bags from Ebay, for less than £10 which will fit into your existing bag and have all of the padded inserts necessary to keep your camera safe.

By the way, I’m not making anything if you buy from any of the links I have shared in this blog post. I’m just writing this as I know if you have a gorgeous camera bag, you’re much likely to take your camera out more often which makes me happy! (And of course if you’re using your camera regularly, you’ll want to find out how to take better photos by attending one of my Photography for Parents workshops! ;-))

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  • Jo Hannah

    I got the Kelly Moore B-Hobo bag second hand for £80 on ebay! It is true – you are more likely to carry your camera with you if you can disguise it in a nice bag!

    • Vicki Knights

      Ooh that was a good find Jo!

  • Inga K

    Hi Vicki, just come back to this post to have another nosey, the choice is killing me, I want them all!! I also have two camera bags, well three actually if you include my Crumpler which I seem to be using most of the time but it’s not as pretty as these bags!!

    I have the KM B-Hobo in exactly the same colour but find I don’t use it as much as it doesn’t quite fit my camera with my new 24-70mm lens, I really have to force the zip over! I also have an Epiphanie Belle bag which I had shipped from the States but unfortunately that has probably been a bit of a waste of money as I’ve used it about 3 times as I find it’s too wide rather than deep and just a bit awkward to carry around, I think I’ll have to try and sell it to fund a new purchase instead!! I would love a KM 2-Sues!! How many lenses do you fit in on top of your 2 bodies and do you have enough room for purse / keys etc? I need to find a bag big enough to take out along with all the baby stuff as I currently often taken the change bag and a camera bag and it drives hubby nuts!!

    I hope Santa will be nice to me and bring me a new camera bag… I always say you can never ever have enough bags or shoes!! :-) x

    • Vicki Knights

      Sounds like you are as addicted to camera bags as me Inga! The 2 sues can fit in both of my camera bodies with a lens on each, but I normally take along one camera and 2 lenses in the 2 Sues and 1 camera in the B-Hobo in a car to a shoot then just take the 2 Sues out on the shoot when I have my 2 cameras on. (I hope that makes sense!)