My eldest son turns 6

This is a bit of a belated blog post as he actually turned 6 last week! I always do a special shoot with each of my boys around their birthdays and share them on my blog. Take a look at the blog posts I wrote for his 3rd, 4th and 5th birthdays.

It was handy this year as we went on holiday over half term to Miami and the Florida Keys so I had lots of great opportunities for birthday photos!

I had planned to do a shoot with H in the golden hour (the hour just before sunset when the light is warm and soft) in Miami using the city lights as the backdrop. As he is still only 6 we planned to take his favourite teddy out as I wanted that to look juxtaposed with the urban backdrop (and also show he is still my baby!) However we ended up leaving the apartment later than planned that evening and it was already dark by the time we got out. Best laid plans and all that! By the way if you want to know buy amoxicillin liquid when the magic hour is wherever you are travelling in the world, just get the Magic Hour app on your phone, it’s very handy!)

I never take my professional equipment with me on holidays, for risk of damaging it, so these were all taken with my Canon 700D (which I recently upgraded from the 400D). You can see more about the cameras and lenses I use for my professional and personal work here.

My Canon 700d is pretty good is low light but it really was pretty much pitch black when I took these so I only managed to get a few photos that I like on the way to the restaurant.

Here are a few other favourites I took of my big boy during our holiday.

Doing his best robotic dance on the streets of Miami…


Looking cool in his shirt and hat….


His stroppy ‘please-mum-don’t-take-anymore-photos’ face

Him trying not to laugh at me pulling silly faces!


And with his best friend, his little brother.

This 6 year old dude rocks my world and melts my heart every single day.

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