Testimonial from my ‘Photography for Parents’ workshop

photography-workshop-surrey-1I ran one of my Photography for Parents workshops at the Medicine Garden in Cobham at the weekend. I had a lovely group of parents attending and they all got to practise all of their new skills despite the pouring rain.

The comments on the feedback forms were all lovely, but then I received this email the following day. I wanted to share it with you as it explains much better than I can what you can get out of the workshop. Karyn had travelled all the way from Bournemouth that morning just for the workshop, so I’m delighted to see from her email that it was worth the trip!

“Thank you so so much for all your hard work and commitment for the photography workshop you held last Saturday.  I absolutely loved it.  I have learnt a tremendous amount. I’ve already taken some shots and I spent last night looking through old photos that were set on auto and looking at the settings used.  I can already see that the photos could be vastly improved simply by setting the aperture correctly and altering the ISO….and of course that’s without even thinking about the lighting!
This has all probably been said before but I loved the format of the workshop with all the creative (and for me easier to understand) subject matter first, followed by the technical.  
I have spent the last year trawling through the internet and my camera’s manual to try to improve my photos with very limited success…an hour at the end of an evening is simply not enough!!!!! I can’t believe how much I already remember even without your slides to remind me ……yesterday the woods were very dark and my shutter speed was slow and I just instantly fixed it! If that had happened a week ago I would have changed back to auto!!
I really cannot thank you enough, and it’s obvious you absolutely love your job! Please let me know when your ‘next stage’ course is as I will probably be the first to sign up.  Oh and it was definitely worth the trip from Bournemouth …I would gladly travel double the distance!!”
Karyn West


Thank you for the lovely email Karyn, it made my day!


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