A creative way to photograph your Christmas tree

I hope you are all feeling ready for Christmas? I am getting there, slowly but surely!

I just have a really quick tip for you (and for the first time ever this one doesn’t involve children!) I was just taking some photos of our tree and I thought I would show you how to do this little trick too!

If you have seen these kind of photos of fairy lights on Christmas trees and have wondered how to take them, I’m here to tell you how!

It’s really very simple. Just turn your flash off or set your camera to the ‘no flash’ setting. Or if you have been on my workshop just use the settings I have taught you. Then you switch your lens from autofocus to manual focus. To do this there will be a switch on the lens itself, it will currently be on AF (autofocus), just switch it onto MF (manual focus).

Then move the focusing ring on the lens to get different effects. These are all taken using the same settings, just with me having a play around with the manual focusing ring.

It’s easy and fun to have a play around to see the different effects you can get. Enjoy!

And if you want to make sure you capture all of the meaningful moments this Christmas, check out my 5 tips for taking more than just snapshots this Christmas.


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