Getting natural smiles in your family photos

You’ve probably seen lots of my ‘before and after’ student photos, but here is a bit of a different one.

These two photos were obviously both taken at the same time, but look at the difference in the expressions…


How many of your family photos look more like the one on the left where the expressions are somewhat lacklustre?!

The mum had watched my free video training on getting natural expressions, and in the photo on the right she used the last tip from my video which resulted in this natural, happy image. What a difference! I love seeing the positive changes that my tips have made to people’s family photos. (Thanks for sending this to me Jessica and letting me share it!)

If you haven’t seen my free training yet, you can sign up here or simply fill in your details below. And you’ll also be the one of the first to hear about my online course which I’m hoping to launch this week (just tweaking a couple of bits then it’s good to go!)

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