How a few steps can make a huge difference

Have you ever wanted to capture something special that your child is doing, grabbed your camera/iPhone and then been really disappointed with the results?

Yes? Well don’t worry, it happens to the best of us!

Let me show you an example…

Last summer my boys loved scootering back from their swimming lessons in their pyjamas. Let’s face it, if you’re 6 years old nothing quite beats being allowed outside in your PJ’s!

I loved seeing the excitement in their faces and I wanted to capture that in a photo. So I grabbed my trusty iPhone and took a quick snap of them and this was the result.

IMG_2199Hmm, not quite what I was after. Not great expressions and you can’t even see what they are doing.
It didn’t really capture the moment that I wanted.








So then I changed position and moved back so I could get their full bodies in.

This is better but still a little disappointing. I don’t like the distracting background and it still didn’t have the sense of fun and excitement that I was trying to capture.

I tried a few of them scootering towards me but I still wasn’t keen on the background and it wasn’t working as I wanted.





So then I crossed over onto the other side of the road and photographed them from the other pavement.

This was one of the photos I took from the other side of the road….
photo 2[1]

Ahh, that’s better!

I really love this photo even thought it’s just an iPhoto snap. By just moving a few steps and engaging the boys in an activity, it totally captures the excitement and fun that I was trying to achieve.

I positioned the window in the top left of the frame to balance the image and provide a pleasing composition. And of course a bit of luck was involved to get both of them in exactly the same position at the same time. (I do love a happy accident!)
So why have I shared this with you?
Well hopefully I’ve made you feel better by showing you that even professional photographers don’t always get it right first time! But also I wanted to demonstrate the huge difference just a few steps can make to your photos.Your angle is such an important part of photography that I have a 19 minute video in my online photography course for parents demonstrating exactly what affect changing your angle has on your photos.

Have a lovely weekend,
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