Can I bring my baby/child with me on the workshop?
I’m afraid not as the workshop is very intensive and needs everyone’s’ full attention for the morning. I know it can be tough to leave your baby when they are young, (and childcare can prove tricky) which is one of the reasons I created an online course so that you can learn from the comfort of your own home! If you are a breastfeeding mum and will need to feed your baby during the morning, please just let me know in advance and we can organise a time during the workshop for you feed your baby.
How do I book onto a workshop?
That’s easy! First go to the courses tab above, then click the course you would like to book. Then follow the instructions to book your place. Bookings are only taken online and not via telephone. Bookings are on a first-come, first-served basis and full payment is required to reserve your place.
Where do you run your workshops?
I run my workshops in a number of different venues across Surrey & SW London. Currently, most of them are held at The Glass Room in Surbiton. I am always looking for new venues to run my workshops in so if you have any ideas please let me know!
How much of the workshop is practical?
In the beginner’s workshop, over half of the morning is spent with me sharing all of my tips about light, composition and more. We spend around an hour in total learning the best settings to use on our cameras and then shooting outside to practice our new skills.

My ‘next stage’ workshop is more practical, with image critiques in the first part of the workshop and then photographing each other in pairs for around 45 mins.

You also leave the workshop with homework to do, then you send me 3 images for me to critique.

How many people do you have on each workshop?
There are usually 8 people on each workshop, but there can be a maximum of 9. I like to keep the group small so that everyone gets individual attention if needed.
I just have a compact camera. Can I still come on your workshop?
You are of course still welcome to attend! At least half of the workshop is spent with me teaching you how to see good light, composition, backgrounds etc and we don’t even pick up our cameras at this stage. There will be some of the workshop that won’t be relevant, for example when I am talking about lenses and going through the camera set up on a DSLR camera. But you will still walk out of the workshop taking better photos even if you just have an iPhone! However, you will get the most value out of the workshop if you have a digital SLR camera as they allow you to be the most creative with your photography.
What does the 2 weeks of email support after the workshop include?
You will be given the challenge  of emailing me 3 images that you have taken within 2 weeks and then I will do a video recording with my feedback on each image which I will post in the private Facebook group. This really helps to build confidence in how you are doing and also to get the answers to anything that isn’t making sense. I offer this support and critique as I want to ensure you still have access to me if you are finding anything confusing once you start practising.
I have a group of friends who would like a workshop, would you run a workshop for a private group?
Yes I would. The venue can be somewhere as simple as someone’s kitchen as long as we have room for everyone to sit down and access to some outside space. It is a set price whether the workshop is for 2 people or 8. Please note that my diary is generally booked up at least 4 months ahead so please ensure you get in touch with lots of notice. See more details here.
Do you still run ‘Photography for Bloggers’ workshops?
I have run a number of workshops since 2011 specifically designed for bloggers/creative business people. They were always popular and I enjoyed running them, but my heart lies in photographing children so I have decided to focus just on my workshops for parents for now. There is a great book called ‘The crafter’s guide to taking great photos’ by Heidi Adnum which I can thoroughly recommend if you want to take better photos of the products you create.
My daughter is 15 years old and very into photography. Would you run a workshop for teenagers?
I don’t have any plans currently to create a new workshop specifically for teenagers. However I have had a few teenagers attend my ‘Photography for Parents’ workshop as everything learnt in the workshop can be applied to portrait photography of all kinds, not just photographing children. I am going to be releasing an online course in 2014 so this would be a great thing for your teenager to study from in their own time.


Can I take your workshop online?
You certainly can!

Here are all of the details. 


Do you offer 1-2-1 mentoring to professional photographers?
I do offer a limited amount of mentoring sessions each year. See more details here.
I’m going to run photographing workshops for parents. Is it ok if I use some of your wording from your website?
Er, I’m afraid not! All of the text and images from my website are copyrighted and I check my websites regularly with Copyscape. So please don’t be tempted to copy!


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