Kind Words

“The best thing about this morning has been Vicki’s whole approach and the way she teaches. At last, to be told in a very logical and friendly way how to use my camera. I can only liken it to being taught to drive a car and not building it. I feel genuinely excited about picking up my camera again. Thank you, now I feel very inspired and ready to go!

Vikki Rutter, Surbiton UK

“Fantastic workshop Vicki. So much information but pitched at exactly the right level for the amateur photographer – not too technical but enough information to understand the difference the settings will make. I’ll definitely be recommending it to my friends.”

Jo Mir, Esher UK

“Thank you so much for a very enjoyable morning. I came away feeling very inspired and more confident to give photography another go. I spent the following days following my kids around with the camera and I have taken a lot of photos! It was good to put your ideas and advice into practise straight away and I have managed to take some nice photos (my husband is impressed!) It was great to do a course which clearly comes from the heart.”



Lisa Unwin, Surbiton UK
“This photo shows just how much fun your workshops are (& how fantastic you are at teaching & getting people to take great photos…even in a full blown storm!). Your love of photography really is infectious. I am so glad my friend suggested you to me.”


Tamsin Holland, Surbiton UK

“Very enthusiastic teaching, very inspiring – left me raring to go with my camera!”

Sophia Husain, Surrey UK

“Fantastic! Exactly what I needed to know. Very inspirational. I could look at your photos all day!”

Jeanette Sunderland, Cobham Surrey

“I haven’t left feeling confused or intimidated like I have on other courses. Vicki explains things really easily and keeps it simple. Really inspiring!”

Charlotte Donaldson, Cobham Surrey

“Perfect! Has opened my eyes to what is really possible with my digital camera.”

Keith Thompson, Surrey UK

“I have learnt so much in such a short amount of time and cannot wait to get practising. I’m looking forward to being able to use my camera in another setting other than auto!”

Karen Howcroft, Surrey UK

“Really enjoyed the workshop as it wasn’t all about technology, F-stops and ISO’s, which whilst important would have probably scared me off. Vicki’s down to earth, easy to understand manner and explanations were great. It felt like she was ‘one of us’ as she’s been where we were and therefore her advice was really relevant.”

Emily Wright, Surbiton UK

“I really enjoyed the course. I can now control my camera rather than my camera controlling me!”

Oorla Morgan, Cobham Surrey

“This course was exactly what I have been looking for. I so enjoyed it and can’t wait to put what I have learnt to use. I love the thought of not using flash and about the use of natural light. Let’s hope one day Vicki I can take photos close to the amazing pictures you have taken. I love your style, totally natural. Thank you so much Vicki, I wish I had taken this course years ago!”

Gail Nichols, Surrey UK

“A revelation! I can’t wait to practise what I’ve learnt.”

Francesca Deith, Surrey UK

“Finally I understand my camera, thank you!”

Annalisse Brown, Surbiton UK

“A very big thank you for the workshop. I came home raving to my husband about what a great teacher and photographer you are, and what a lovely venue it was. It is one thing to know your subject, but another to be able to pass that onto other people in such an engaging manner. Time flew and I could have easily listened to you teach all day.”

Kirsten Petersen, Surrey UK

“I loved the workshop Vicki and it really made me understand ‘light’ in a way I hadn’t considered before. It was great the way you explained the settings of the camera without getting too bogged down in all the technicalities. I now feel far more in control when taking photos and can’t wait to start snapping! A really inspirational morning.”

Janne Ford, Surrey UK

“Fantastic course. I’ve gone from  not being able to take a decent photo to taking near professional photos in a few simple steps. Many thanks Vicki!”

Jo Richards, Surbiton Surrey

“This course delivered exactly the type of content that I hoped it would. Having done courses previously I have often been overwhelmed with too much information. When all I want is to know enough to take good photos of people! The offer of follow up homework and critique is an added bonus. Thank you so much!”

Julie Polwin, Cobham UK

“I was amazed how I could pick up something so artistic in just a few hours, and this definitely comes down to Vicki and her fun, patient and hands on teaching.”

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Alice Aird, Essential Esher magazine

“I’ve really loved the course today. It’s been great to completely re-look at the way to capture photos. So many new tricks that are about me the photographer and not just about the mechanics of the camera. Thank you!”

Louise Dawson, Surbiton Surrey

“Fantastic and informative course. Wish I’d known these tips years ago when my children were younger! Vicki is very engaging and friendly. I’m inspired to start taking pictures again (and stop using auto!)”

Michelle Bower, Surbiton UK

“The course was absolutely fantastic! I suddenly feel I know how to take a photo. All the bamboozling technical speak I heard in a previous course has been totally simplified. I can’t wait to practise what you’ve taught me!”

Fiona Read, Surbiton UK

“Thank you so much for such a cleverly compiled workshop! Exactly what I wanted…how to take lovely photos without all the boring techy stuff. It’s great that you managed to cover so much in just one morning. I’ll certainly be recommending you.”

Annabel Blackhurst, Surbiton UK

“Great morning, thank you. I learnt more about photography in 3 hours than the last 10 years of owning my camera. Really easy to grasp, creative and professional. Now feeling very enthusiastic about taking more photos.”

Elena Napper, Surbiton UK

“I’ve had a fantastic morning. It’s been packed full of useful tips and ideas and I can’t wait to put it into action. Vicki was as fab as I expected and she really broke it down into manageable chunks and made it interesting.”

Katie Levett-Allen, Surrey UK

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Vicki for making it such a fun and easy to understand workshop.”

Becca Edwards, Surrey UK

“The course was spot on in terms of what I wanted to learn, pitched at a perfect level. I’m no longer scared of my camera and can’t wait to get home and practise!”

Melanie Lucas, Farnham UK

“Vicki made photography (which I was previously very nervous of) relevant and fun. I liked the step-by-step approach. Her passion and love for what she does is clearly evident!”

Julia Dixon, Surrey UK

“Thanks very much for the workshop yesterday. It was both very enjoyable and highly educational and has already changed the way I look at (and through!) my camera! Looking forward to sharing my homework with you and hearing your comments on it.”

Matt Reid, Surbiton UK

“Since I booked onto the workshop I have been really looking forward to it and it totally lived up to my expectations. I have learnt so much and just hope to take some photos half as good as yours. Thank you so much, it’s been brilliant.”

Katie Horridge, Surrey UK

“Fab workshop, exactly what I needed. One of the best workshops I have attended for a long, long time. I had a wonderful morning and learned sooo much.”

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Heidi Sternberg, Surrey UK

“Friendly, fun and I’ve learnt SO much in one morning. The best thing is that it’s not confusing but works! Thank you very much Vicki, I’ll be sure to tell my friends all about this workshop. The best money I’ve spent in a long time.”

Clare Walpole, Surrey UK

“Thank you so much for a truly enjoyable workshop! Like you, I don’t get too excited about all of the technology stuff, so this was perfectly pitched at my semi-technology level, and even better, at my creative level! You did such a great job getting us through a mound of info, and yet being better and more confident photographers from the moment we left the workshop. And that is priceless when it comes to photographing your children.”

Robyn Hatley, Bath UK

“Covered everything you need to take better photos of your children. Can’t wait to put what I’ve learnt into practice!”

Katherine Nield, Surrey UK

“I found things on my camera I didn’t know were there! I’m inspired to get going and take some decent photos for a change.”

Alison Eaves, Surbiton UK

“Vicki, you made the workshop fun and informative. It is a real skill to be able to condense such a potentially complex topic into half a day. I am amazed that you managed it so well – it seemed an impossible task with all of the different cameras and personalities. Yet Vicki, you did it beautifully. Well done and thank you so much.”

Tina Osbourne, Cobham UK

“This morning couldn’t have been better. I feel this has been an excellent intro to using my new digital camera. I leave today full of enthusiasm.”

Sophie James, Wimbledon UK