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I’m often asked about the equipment I would recommend, or for photography tips for certain situations. So I have put my popular blog posts and other links I like into one place so you can find what you want easily.

Photography tips
My 8 secret tips for getting natural expressions from your children (my FREE video training)
8 tips for photographing your 
How a few steps can make a big difference to your photos
My tips for taking lovely photos of your kids in bad weather
My guide to great back to school photos
My 5 tips for taking photographs of your children in flowers
My 6 tips for taking great photos on your family holiday
Quick and easy tip for great Halloween photos
My 5 tips for great Christmas photos of your family
My tips for photographing your child’s nativity play
A creative way to photograph your Christmas tree
Photographing your children in the golden hour
My quick & easy tip for taking photos of your children playing in the garden

What camera should you buy?
My 5 favourite camera bags for women
What equipment I use to photograph my own family 

Organisation and display of your photos
Do you print your photos?

My 6 tips for taking control of your photos (guest post on Project Me blog)
How to create your own digital family photo albums
My Pinterest board with photo presentation ideas
A great way to display your camera phone photos
How to create a gallery wall using your photos

Inspiration to make you pick your camera up!
7 reasons why you should learn photography
Why it’s not the camera that takes the photo
4 reasons why I love photographing children in the autumn

Articles to inspire you to get in your family photos
Why YOU should be in your family photos
The importance of family photos and why I pay to have my family photographed
The Mom stays in the picture (Huffington Post)

Press on my courses and my work
Interview in Digital Photographer magazine
Interview on Mumpreneur Mentor
Article in Sunday Express
Review in Essential Esher magazine

For professional photographers
Upcoming workshops & speaking engagements
1-2-1 training sessions
What kit do I use for my professional work?
My family photography website
So you want to be a professional photographer?