8 tips for photographing your baby

Do you have a gorgeous baby, but you just can’t take a decent photo of them? Don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone! Hopefully these 8 tips will help you. As every camera is different, I am going to give you non-technical tips that should make a big difference to your photos whether you are using an expensive DSLR camera or an iPhone.


1. Find the right light. This is the most important aspect of photography, without good light you will struggle to take a good photo. Every home has a spot where there is great light. With the many homes that I have done photo shoots with babies, I’ve discovered this is often in a bedroom. Put your baby on the bed (once they are able to pull up on their front) facing towards the window and stand with your back to the window. Then you’ll have lovely light falling on your baby’s face. Turn off your flash if you know how otherwise you’ll just end up with a startled expression!


2. Change your angle. The majority of photos in the world are taken from between 5-6 feet. This is because people just stand and snap away without thinking about changing their angle. But changing the angle you shoot from can make a huge difference to your photos. For example, put your baby on the floor and photograph down onto him/her, photograph them from the back, lie down on the floor yourself and shoot up towards them. Changing your angle is one of the easiest things to do to make your photos look that little bit different.


3. Be silly! Yes if you want to capture those baby smiles you need to be silly. As parents we constantly do everything we can to make our children laugh, but as soon as we put that camera in front of our faces, we seem to turn all serious and stress out when they stop smiling. So make sure when you pick that camera up you carry on being silly! Then your children will grow up not dreading the camera coming out, instead they’ll look forward to it. With babies, I try to use the camera as a prop to make them laugh, and often use it to play peekaboo. Most babies over around 6 months adore playing peekaboo so you get lovely expressions like this…


4. Get close Babies’ toys are fantastic for keeping them amused, but they don’t look so great in photos! Unfortunately the neon plastic colours tend to detract from your baby’s lovely face! So the key is to get really buy amoxil 500 mg online close. And when you think you’re close enough, get even closer. Then you can crop out all of the playmats and bumbos and instead focus just on your baby’s lovely face.


5. Capture the details Yes of course it’s important to have lots of photos of your baby’s smiling face, but in 20 years time their rolls of baby fat, and their chubby toes will be a distant memory. So make sure you remember to capture the details; from their little fingers to their favourite book. Photograph it all so you can look back in your family album and remember everything about this special time.


6. Embrace the frowns I know as parents we want to see our baby’s smiling and giggling. But I LOVE those soulful expressions. And it’s the best way to really see your baby’s eyes in photos too. I’ve had many parents jumping around behind me during a shoot trying to make their baby smile, while I am shooting away loving the soulful look! So please, embrace the frowns. No baby smiles 24/7, so make sure you capture all of their different expressions, especially the lovely soulful ones like this.


7. Use nature as your backdrop Once you’re baby is sitting up independently (normally from around 6-7 months) then photographically, the world is your oyster! I absolutely love photographing babies using the great outdoors and the changing seasons as my backdrop. The best age for this is when they are sitting up but not yet crawling, as then you can sit them in a sea of bluebells without them crawling away!


8. Use people as a prop Until your baby is pulling up on their front at around 5 months, it can be a challenge to get a good photo of them. The temptation is just to prop them up on a sofa and take a photo, but then they do tend to look a bit squidged up! So between 1-6 months, one of the best ways to photograph your baby is to use another family member as a prop and get your baby to look over their shoulder.

I really hope you have found these 8 tips useful and that you take some fantastic photos of your baby over the festive season.

If you want to really get to grips with your camera and learn even more great tips like these, then don’t forget I run dynamic half day photography workshops for parents. And if you’d like me to photograph your baby, then check out my Surrey family photography website.


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